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We proudly offer plans from Zurich Insurance. Zurich has been providing protection for customers in North America for over 100 years.

We truly believe that all of our customers will save money and have peace of mind with a ZURICH EXTEND SERVICE PLAN, in the event of a mechanical breakdown. Many of our customers have been able to avoid paying for an unexpected costly repair out of pocket. Also ZURICH MAINTENANCE PLANS are a great way to include the upkeep of your vehicle in your monthly payment. With an extended service plan and a maintenance plan you will be able budget your monthly automotive expense easily.

ZURICH GAP is a smart way to protect your financial stability by being prepared for total loss situations. You can learn about GAP by watching the video below:


Zurich Shield is an interior fabric and exterior paint protection product that preserves the shine of your paint and helps repel interior stains.

Zurich Security Guard is a theft recovery product that offers some cash back to you in the event your vehicle is stolen and not recovered.

In addition be sure to ask about Zurich’s Dent & Windshield Protection products!


How do you get me a good rate?

We work with multiple banks and credit unions to ensure you receive the best rate possible.

What is the lowest rate I can get?

Auto loan rates can be very competitive and that’s why we work with multiple sources, to shop around on your behalf. Rates are influenced by a number of factors including credit score, year and mileage of vehicle and length of term.

What if I am a first time buyer?

Many Financial Institutions have special programs for first time buyers so call, email or stop in and we will look at your options.

What does a protection product do for me?

Protection products, like extended service contracts, allow you to maintain your monthly budget. By including these products in your auto loan, you are ensuring that you are covered on key items for your vehicle in years to come.

Why should I service at the dealership?

Our technicians are experts on many makes and models and are expertly trained to look after your vehicle. Come enjoy the amenities of our dealership and know your vehicle is in the hands of a professional.

What if I have less than perfect credit?

No matter what your credit, we strive to present you with the best Financing options available. There are many programs for lower credit scores and we encourage you to meet with us no matter how you think your credit looks.

Does the vehicle come with a warranty?

All brand new Hondas come with a manufacturer warranty (some used Hondas may have some remaining Manufacturer warranty left) that we will happily review at the time of purchase. On any type of used vehicle we will take the miles and VIN of the vehicle you are considering and look up the extended Service Contract options for that vehicle. Many of our vehicles will qualify for extended service coverage.

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