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Car buying sure ain’t what it used to be, and thank goodness! It used to take quite an effort to scour the town and check out all the different makes and models, in the hopes of finding the one that you wanted to bring home with you-and since the Bay Area is so big, you can imagine how much time that would take. Things are easier these days, especially since dealerships like us here at Manly Hyundai started offering these easy online showrooms.

How much better could it be than to simply hop on your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone from wherever you live, be it right here in Santa Rosa or just out in Petaluma, CA, and then browse through our hundreds of excellent new Hyundai cars, crossovers, and SUVs? You can take care of research, watch videos, compare different models, and switch seamlessly between our brand-new Hyundai inventory and our quality pre-owned inventory with the click of a button. Once you actually find a few models that you’re serious about, there is one thing we strongly recommend you do in person, rather than online: the test drive.

While all our new Hyundai models look great here in their online showroom, we still think a picture hardly does them justice-you’re going to want to sit behind the wheel, feel the supportive, bolstered seats, and hear the roar of the engine as you press down on the pedal. After you’ve settled on The One, the next step is traditionally the financing step, but that’s something you can actually take care of online, too, before you even come into our Santa Rosa dealership! Below, we’re going to walk through all the steps you’ll need to follow if you want to buy your next car (mostly) online!

How to Buy a Car Online:


  1. Start With a Little Research: Maybe you know exactly what you want from your next new vehicle or maybe you’re starting out, but either way, it never hurts to do a little research. Visit our online Hyundai showroom to get a 100-foot view of the models you’re interested in; we do our best to list standard features, specs, and trim highlights.
  2. Check Out Our Current Inventory: Once you’ve got the Hyundai Santa Fe or the Hyundai Elantra GT in your crosshairs, it’s time to move over to our inventory. It’s easy to sort our inventory online, so you only see the vehicles that meet your search criteria.
  3. Pick Out a Few Favorites: Once you’ve got it narrowed down to just the models that interest you, it’s time to start whittling it down to different features, trims, and colors. Pick out a few favorites, like the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport or the Hyundai Tucson-then find the ones that have the features you want the most.
  4. Compare Them Online: With your favorites rounded up, it’s time to start comparing them against one another. Of course, if you can’t make your decision online, a test drive should settle any differences.
  5. Apply for Financing: Okay, once you’re past the hard part-the researching, the comparing, the decision making-then you can start taking care of business. If you’re ready to get the financing out of the way, go ahead and apply for financing online. You can even value your trade-in vehicle online so you have a better idea of what to expect when you come in.
  6. Come In for a Test Drive: Phew! Now that the hard work is over with, it’s time to get down to the fun parts. Come see us in our Santa Rosa dealership to test drive the handful of models you’re still deciding between. Hands-on experience is a sure-fire way to know exactly which Hyundai model is for you.
  7. A Few Finishing Touches: If you applied for financing online, you’ll just have to finish things up with our team here in person, but if you haven’t applied for financing yet, this is the part where you’ll figure out which Hyundai lease or auto loan is right for your financial situation. Our team can help with any burning questions along the way!
  8. Drive Your New Hyundai Car, Crossover, or SUV Home!: And then that’s it-once you’ve settled the financing question, all that’s left for you to do is drive your new or pre-owned Hyundai vehicle home and start making memories together!


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